No, you read that right. The Escapists is out on iOS for iPhone and iPad and I don't know about you, but I'm rather excited about it.

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In case you haven't heard of it, The Escapists is a mixture of genres. There's a little RPG, a little puzzler, and some resource management thrown in there, but your goal is always the same - break the hell out of prison.

Things start off easy. 'Steal someone's uniform and walk out the gate'-easy. But as things progress you'll see barbed wire, snipers, hawk-eyed patrolmen, and more between you and sweet, sweet freedom.

Aside from trading items, buffing up, swiping useful bits when no one's looking, and attending your job, you'll need to remember to attend roll-call, and be on high alert in case your name is called for a room inspection.

One wrong move and it's isolation for you, pal.

Grab The Escapists on the App Store or Google Play now for £3.99/$3.99, and make Alcatraz look like a P.E. class.

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