Well, it's Monday. And that means that, if my calculations are correct, you've gone and missed another excellent week of content over on AppSpy.

Quite frankly I expected better of you. But never mind, because I'm here to make sure that the finest content created over the last seven days on Pocket Gamer's sister site is well within your reach.

But what sort of content? Well, most of it looked a little something like this.

Mondays are for musing

We started off the week by pondering whether the NOVA remake is a good thing or a bad thing for mobile. And by we, I mean me. And I decided that... well you're just going to have to click through and see.

Tuesday saw us listing the three best political games available right now on the App Store. Because that seemed like a sensible thing to do.

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Thursday, Thursday

Our Thursday Find this week was the really rather excellent Puff. I liked it, you might like it too. So why not read what I had to say about it and then agree with me on principal because of my powerful words.

We also had a good old rant about why the original Mass Effect should be coming to mobile. Because it's great and I want it to was pretty much the conclusion there.


And if that wasn't enough we also treated you to some suggestions for iOS games you could play instead of Ghost Recon Wildlands.

And then even more suggestions about what you could play on your phone or tablet to scratch your Horizon: Zero Dawn itch.

Basically I wrote a load of stuff, it's all real good, and you should come hang out with me more often. I'm pretty cool.