MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL, aside from being a complete mouthful, is an interesting twist on the Pong formula.

You hold your phone horizontally and control two paddles, using them to smash a projectile at the various enemies which fill up the screen. Let the projectile slip past either paddles, or the enemy's reach the top of the screen, and it's game over.

Some quickfire info about it: it's retro-inspired, set underwater, you play as humanity's prophesied saviour, and there are a bunch of levels to complete.

But at this point, you just want to know if it's any good. We certainly seemed to think so, giving it a Silver Award at review and saying: "Whatever genre this sits under, we need more of it. It's fun, pretty, and simple in the best way".

We also asked our hardened bunch of mobile gaming experts in the App Army what they made of it. Here's their report in full.

Paul Manchester

This is quite a difficult game to get your head around. Controlling two paddles simultaneously is like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach.

Tom Clark

I'm bad at arcade games. Pong was the first console game I owned as a child - that's right, that version that you hooked up to a TV. Yes, I'm old. This game is similar to that, except you're using both paddles at the same time to bounce balls at enemies to keep them from getting to the top.

The graphics are great and the gameplay is pretty simple - at least if you can get your brain trained to move your thumbs in the direction they need to go.

It's engaging, despite the fact I'm bad at it. If you love arcade games I'd say this is one worth getting. The developers have done a great job..

Olivier Boesch

So the first challenge is pronouncing the name. The second is understanding why they picked it. I couldn't figure it out but I like Pong so hey!

You have to control two paddles by yourself, but I found it even more fun to play with a friend, with each controlling one side of the screen. That did make it a little too easy though.

The gameplay is simple, and becomes a bit repetitive over time, though you can re-roll the ball with new abilities which shakes things up.

It's a shame you can't start again from a particular chapter, but it's a fun game to dip into every now and then.

Laura Egri

That long title translates into a fairly classic arcade game that combines Pong and Breakout - though I should say enemy-out. You have to skillfully maneuver the left and right paddles to bat a ball at enemies in the middle.

It's a piece of cake if you're ambidextrous but tricky otherwise. It's fun to play in tandem with a friend.

It's colourful and fun at first, but needs more variation to increase the longevity.

Oksana Ryan

Once I'd adjusted the paddle sensitivity and mastered using both at the same time, it was fun. The aim is to destroy the enemies in the centre before they reach the top, which is easier said than done.

The graphics are bright and the music is almost zen like. The paddles can be upgraded, and you get a mystical quote at the beginning of each level which is neat.

It doesn't have enough for hours of play but it's a good time waster.

Bruno Ramalho

The name should tell you right away that this is going to work your brain. Turns out, that was in a good.

It's Pong reinvented. You need both thumbs to direct the two paddles, knocking one or more balls into the aquatic animals to prevent them from reaching the top.

You can play this game with a friend (especially on an iPad), and it's like a game of Pong meets a shooting range. But the challenge of playing alone with two thumbs, trying not to lose the ball (or balls), and aiming at the same time, is something.

It's a great way to pass the time, and great exercise for your brain. I love the look of the spirit animals, special effects, and the intro in the menu. It's a very good game overall.

Tony Teulan

This is a solid revamp of Pong with visuals that pop and gameplay that's perfect when playing with a friend.

As a way to kill time, it fits the bill nicely so it's worth sticking with it to see if it clicks. Hopefully some different modes will be added over time as the game currently lacks variety.

Sjoerd de Jong

I dislike games that force you to start all over again when you die. It doesn't really feel like you're making progress. You can use new paddles to make the gameplay a bit different each time, but they don't add much variety. If it was level-based, I would have liked it better.

There is some variety in the enemies, but most just vary in size and hit points. In later stages, the enemies start dodging balls and shooting back.

It's just like its title: unique, but it doesn't feel right.

Liam Hince

There's a lot of fun to be had with this, and if they could work out how to implement a multiplayer it could add much fun to the game.

I reached stage two but found I had to start again when I went back which was a little frustrating, but the upgrade system eased this a bit.

It's a fun little arcade rogue-lite that I'll be dipping into over the next week.

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