After months of waiting, Dashy Crashy's addictive new update, Dashy Crashy Turbo, will be going live on March 2nd on iOS and Android.

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Dashy Crashy is a speed-mad, car-swerving, high score chaser that's as equally fun as it is addictive. Whether you prefer playing it on the loo, on a train, at the coffee shop, or waiting in an Overwatch lobby (such as myself), it's easy to pick up and put down...unless you're on a roll.

The latest update is bringing a little extra madness to the field as we've got new moves, new Bonus modes/perks for every vehicle, 25 new cars, a bunch of loot boxes, missions, and more to look forward to.

Though it's essentially a sequel in itself, Dumpling Design decided to push it as a HUGE update, letting current players merge in with the game without any fuss or need to start again.

Dashy Crashy Turbo will be launching on iOS, Apple TV, and Android next Thursday for free.