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Your titular job in Tavern Guardians isn't an easy one, pitting your matching skills against a bevy of deadly monsters in this new action-puzzler for iPad and iPhone.

Choosing between four classes, each with unique abilities, you must protect the tavern walls from encroaching foes descending from above. Some move two spaces at a time, others jump across the map, while deadlier enemies can heal its friends or dig underground to avoid damage. Fearsome bosses take smart use of skills and lengthy matching combos to defeat effectively.

Survival means managing both your health and the tavern's health. skill cooldowns, and using special items that can unleash bombs, buff attacks, and cleanse tiles of poison, among other actions. Choosing items that work best your classes' skills is crucial.

Tavern Guardians is available for £2.99 / $2.99 on the App Store.