Mini Metro was one of those super addictive games that we didn't think we'd love as much as we did. I guess we have to like it even more now that it's launched a new update and slashed its prices.

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For those out of the loop, Mini Metro is a subway simulator all about designing a subway map for a rapidly growing city. Draw and re-draw lines to keep your routes efficient and pick the best use of your limited resources. Don't get overwhelmed though, otherwise you'll bring the city to a stand-still and the game'll be over.

The award-winning puzzler says goodbye to 'Game Over' as it brings us Endless mode. Endless lets us play for as long as we want without the pressure of a time limit or competition. Think of it as a wind-down after a long day, or after an intense and unsuccessful session of the game.

Better yet, Mini Metro is currently £2.99/$2.99 on the App Store, or £1.69 on Google Play for a limited time, so you'd best grab it pronto.