This is a throwback to last year, but the cracking, teeny football game, Tiny Striker: World Football, is headed to mobile on the 16th February.

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Score plenty of epic goals and build your team's ranking as you work through the season. Since releasing the first in its series, Tiny Striker, Fat Fish Games has added a bunch of depth to the title as it enters a 3D arena. Now we've got a league-based level structure, abilities to boost and customise your iddy strikers, and much more.

As an all-out winner at Pocket Gamer's Big Indie Pitch in Brighton last July, Tiny Striker: World Football showed bag-loads of promise, all contained in a pocket-sized package. Rather than just shooting in a straight line, you can flick the screen to curl your ball around defenders and battle your way through league after league.

Tiny Striker: World Football is headed to iOS and Android on the 16th February and will be free-to-play.