You guys remember Link Twin, right? The stylish puzzler and second-place winner of Pocket Gamer Connects London? Well, at long last it's headed to iOS next week.

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In Link Twin you play as Lily and Tom as they search for their lost parents. Being twins, the only way the pair can move is simultaneously, meaning you have to use your environment to alter their paths so as to progress together.

With over 100 levels over five chapters to explore, each stage brings about something different to add to your experience. Learn new techniques and new solutions to solve the more difficult problems, and ultimately uncover the mystery of Tom & Lily's jumbled memories.

Link Twin is slated to launch next Thursday the 9th February for £1.99/$1.99, though lucky Samsung Galaxy users can download the game now.
If you'd like to know more, check out this interesting interview with the developer by Playsource.