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In Warlock's Tower, every step counts. Literally, every move you make comes at the cost of your life, as you solve each tricky level in this new puzzler for iPad and iPhone.

A powerful warlock weaves death and desolation from the top of his tower. As the bravest mailman in the land, it's your job to climb the tower and deliver the world's proclamation of peace. Unfortunately, you only have three lives to spare, and after three steps, you crumble to dust.

That strict limit means Warlock's Tower is a puzzler all about movement and careful planning, as every step, every move, is crucial. Special gems can refill your live counter, but those gems are finite and strategically placed to challenge you.

The game's hundred stages are spread across multiple floors, each introducing new elements to consider. Enemies like the zombie move forward every three steps, while portals and conveyor belts offer additional means to maneuver.

Warlock's Tower can be purchased for £3.99 / $3.99 on the App Store. The game should be on Google Play soon, and is also available on Steam.