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The App Army got to battle with Edo Superstar, a 2D fighter with animal characters in the art style of Japanese woodblock prints.

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Barret Bear Baker

My initial reactions were positive, the graphics are fantastic and I'm a big fan of the art style. However, the story is not the best and the controls are irritating. The buttons flip sides depending on the location of the enemy, which becomes guesswork when two enemies are on screen.

The music and graphics are great, the controls are fiddly and the menu system looks rushed. Overall it seems like a decent attempt. It needs some finishing touches and a fixed position for the controls.

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Laura Egri

The graphics are excellent, the story is good, and the bosses are enthralling. Mastering the controls requires some practice but after you overcome that hurdle it becomes a really enjoyable experience.

After playing I wished for a unique way to present skills and power-ups but that's only a small gripe. Edo Superstar is pretty challenging and there is enough in the game to keep you entertained, but it's not the best out there.

Lalol Hernández Gómez

I wanted to like this game. The graphics are great, the interface is good and the music fits in well, but the controls ruin the experience.

If they patched the controls to be more solid and added multiplayer this would be a must-have. They need to polish it off before I would play again.

Kainen Ryan

This is a great game to play in small intervals. The story is funny and the game looks nice. The controls pose a serious challenge with a mixture of tapping and swiping.

I like that more moves are unlocked the more you play the game. I would recommend.

Quincy Jones

The game needs more polish. It looks beautiful and has an interesting story, but the controls ruin the experience. I'm never confident that the move I'm trying to do will be the move that actually happens, instead I'm better off making crazy swipes.

I like the music and the enemies offer enough variation to keep you entertained. If the bugs are fixed it will be a great fighter.

Aaron Carey

I really like parts of this game. The graphics and presentation are slick, and the story is a bit strange in a funny way. I am struggling with the controls.

It looks like they tried to capture too much with just one finger. It's hard to do the right action at the right time so it makes the game feel clunky and broken.

Tony Teulan

This didn't click with me. The controls are awkward and the lack of multiplayer is disappointing. The graphics are there but the controls let it down big time.

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