There’s something inherent in all of us that makes us curious about the past. History is littered with interesting time periods, and one of the most intriguing has to be the Stone Age.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine, but game developer Upjers is looking to give us the next best thing. Entitled Stonies, the app simulation game allows players to guide a tribe, transitioning from cavemen to settlers, essentially going through the evolutionary stages of the early human era.

So just what are the things you need to know before venturing into the wilds? Look no further, as we guide you through your path to prehistoric glory.

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Congregate like a real tribe

One of the main things to remember as you progress through the game is the need to monitor all of your tribe members.

Want to make sure your tribes people aren’t slacking off? No problem. Simply tap the Stonie button to go through any idle members, and assign them with tasks.

A successful tribe is built around all of its members chipping in, so the Stonie button should be a common fixture in your arsenal. Those crops aren’t going to plant themselves after all.

Scavenge like a true caveman

Of course, what would the Stone Age be without the need to hunt and gather? Upjers realise this, and have centred the app’s fundamentals on these necessities.

So even though your Stonies may be hard at work, you can still gather resources to live off of. Just tap the resource and use your godlike ability to gather them. Multiple taps will yield more produce, and ultimately, more supplies for your tribe to survive on.

As the player, your role of God also means that you can tap the lightning bolt icon on the right side of the screen, which allows you to scavenge multiple resources at once.

It’s also important for your tribe to consume food before it goes bad, with mushrooms being a key food source early on in the game.

Use your prehistoric ingenuity

One thing the early stages of mankind had going for it was the settlers’ uncanny ingenuity. From learning to hunt, to learning to scavenge – they were much smarter than they get credit for.

In Stonies, you’ll get the chance to prove your smarts with the simulator’s countless inventions and buildings, all of which you will need resources to concoct.

Fortunately, the app provides plenty of helpful tips and guides when it comes to what exactly is needed to form your very own unique creations. Simply tap the icon of a resource, and you’ll see where to find it.

Helpful tip: larger inventions will first need to be activated at a circle of worship, so make sure you play your role as God and congregate the tribe when the time comes to think a little bigger.

And they call it Stonie love

The Stone Age wasn’t just about hunting and gathering, there were also times of tenderness amongst these primitive beings too.

If you’re longing for a little romance in your rocky life, you can actually marry two Stonies by moving them both into a house, and watching the love blossom. Just tap on the two love birds and a hut to initiate the relationship.

Expect them to produce their own little Stonie, as your tribe grows in numbers in the process. Prove that your Stonies don’t have a heart of stone too.

You don’t need to scavenge in the wilds to find this one. You can find it on the App Store and the Google Play Store.