Living up to their word, Johnny Two Shoes's long-awaited Prevail is finally out on iOS.

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Five years ago, Prevail was announced and followed thereafter eagerly by a collection of excited fans. This procedurally generated galaxy exploration game was shaping up to be a cracking side-scroller with plenty of elements to get excited about.

However the reality may be somewhat different. In the game's forum it looks like players are having some issues with the game regarding its controls and a few other minor things. The thoughts surrounding the game's sudden release suggest ideas from 'accidental' to 'the developer gave up', and its hurried App Store description, "Explore a cartoon adventure", doesn't quite help to deter the theories either.

Upon further research, an interesting post popped up today from Touch Arcade's Rob Funnell stating that the issue is complex and sensitive, but he should be releasing a full article later this week once he's had the chance to properly speak with Josh Scott-Slade's brother, Max.

I echo TA's advice in saying that maybe you should wait a few days before picking up a copy of Prevail. If you can't bear the thought of another second without the game, however, you can find it here on the App Store for £4.99/$4.99.