It feels like forever since the last Rodeo Stampede update came about, but at finally it's reared its head just in time for Chinese New Year.

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I'm fairly certain mostly everyone knows what the game is by now but I'll run through it mega quick. Rodeo Stampede is a simple, high score chaser in which you ride on the backs of animals, tame them, and add them to your Sky Zoo among other things.

Now you can start off in the Tundra Zone, riding walruses, arctic foxes, and penguins through the newest icy landscapes - an ideal companion for this rather chilly winter. Or, alternately, you can get a little festive and ride on the backs of Nian monsters and dragons, as well as collect over 25 new hats.

In fact, there're a whopping 50 new animals to collect so you'd best make use of the update now it's live.

Grab the game free-to-play on the App Store or Google Play now.

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