Nintendo will launch its next console, the Switch, on March 3. If you haven't secured your pre-order yet, you're probably running out of time to secure one on or around that release date. Nintendo consoles always perform well in their early weeks - even the so-called flops.

Sure enough, several major retailers in the UK are no longer listing pre-orders for the Switch's release period as being available. In the US it's even worse, with pretty much all of the major retailers having sold out their initial stock.

With that in mind, here's a run down of some of the remaining UK Nintendo Switch pre-order schemes, as well as a brief guide to buying games and accessories. Neither is going to be cheap, but you can save yourself a few pennies if you shop smart.

Nintendo Switch UK console

There are no official bundles for the Nintendo Switch - you can only buy the console on its own (complete with a set of Joy-Con controllers). Games and accessories are sold separately.

With that in mind, here's where you can still secure yourself a pre-order. Note that most places (including Nintendo itself) are only allowing order one console per customer.


Game says: "At this time we have not received official confirmation of stock allocation. Until we have our allocation confirmed by Nintendo we cannot guarantee that every order will be fulfilled for launch."


Tesco is saying: "Order now for delivery on day of launch", but it also has that launch date down as 31/3/17. We're as confused as you are.

Nintendo UK

Nintendo had sold out of the red/blue Joy-Con version of the Switch at the time of writing, but it still has the grey version available for pre-order.


Argos says: "Pre-order to be delivered on 3rd March 2017".


Zavvi is one of a number of retailers that promises: "Order this product with us today and if we reduce the price between taking your order and the release date, we will charge you the lower price!" We highly doubt the Switch price will drop, though.

Nintendo Switch UK game deals

Nintendo Switch games appear to be a similar price across the board in the UK - except for one major retailer. Argos appears to be undercutting the rest by £5 to £15 on the software front.

Nintendo Switch UK controller deals

You could, if you were somewhat optimistic, argue that the Nintendo Switch console is actually pretty cheap for brand new hardware. You could even, if you were borderline delusional, argue that Switch games are fairly priced.

But if you tried to argue that Switch controller prices were anything other than extortionate, we'd suggest you were crazy, a liar, or Reggie Fils-Aime.

So, where does one turn for a competitively priced Switch controller? Here are a couple of suggestions. Any way you spin it, though, it won't be cheap.