Each week, we get early access to an exciting upcoming mobile game and give it to a select few hardened mobile gaming experts that make up the App Army. We then feed these thoughts back to you, our audience, so you know whether it's worth your time or not. Gamer to gamer.

This week the App Army take a look at Xenoraid, a vertically scrolling space based shoot-'em-up.

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Andy Nahm

It's better than a lot of other shmups I've played. Instead of shooting in a fixed direction, your ship tilts, which changes your firing angle. An MFI controller works far better than touch screen, but you can still enjoy the game without one.

You have access to a fleet of four fighters which can be equipped with different weapons, and you can even swap fighter in-between missions. The graphics are decent and the storyline is average, but who plays a shmup for the story?

All in all, I like it, it's different enough to not look like a carbon copy of another shmup, and I would recommend.

Kainen Ryan

The graphics are good and there's plenty of story to set the scene. However, the controls aren't responsive to my touches and that makes the game unenjoyable for me.

I'm sure this would be a lot of fun but, I can't get into it because of the controls.

Barrett Bear Baker

The controls are weird at first and take some getting used to, while the graphics are solid if a little simplistic. I do like the ability to use four fighters rather than just one.

The dialogue window on the side of the screen helps set the scene and immerses you in the gameplay. It comes across as a tough as nails shmup and I will play till the end for sure.

Tobias Taylor

I knew I would like this game being a massive fan of Neon Chrome - 10Tons's previous game. The graphics are neat and the touch controls work great, though it does require a lot of grinding to beat harder levels.

Really enjoyable gameplay and it has earned a place on my phone.

David Albertson

My first impressions were negative. Some unresponsive controls and constantly overheating guns made the gameplay frustrating.

But I'm glad I kept playing as it became serious fun trying to keep my squad of ships safe and avoiding overheating.

This is worth playing if you are a fan of the genre.

Aaron Carey

This is another stellar game from 10Tons - it's beautifully animated and well put together. I was surprised by how good the story was considering this could have just been a shooter. Having the storyline developing in a chat box during the mission was really immersive.

The only drawback is the iffy touch controls. There's also an issue connecting an MFI controller but once this is fixed it becomes quite hard to put down.

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