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Sunnyside Games' The Firm was a simple yet incredibly hectic arcade game, and Towaga follows suit, pitting your stationary warrior against relentless hordes in this stylish shooter out now on iOS and Android.

Reminiscent of the sadly-removed Ziggurat, Towaga places you atop the titular tower as fierce shadow creatures encroach from all angles. You must defend this hallowed tower with your powerful light beam, chaining attacks and burning away the darkness to survive.

Different enemies require you to prioritize and time your attacks, while sustained attacks charge up a more powerful version of your beam to handle larger groups and powerful single creatures.

Towaga features five unique worlds and a special "Path of Madness" mode to test your skills, with more content planned in future updates.

You can purchase Towaga for £2.29 / $2.99 on the App Store and Google Play.