In 2017, Pocket Gamer's doing something extra special. Each month, we're going to hand select our favourite mobile games and give away codes to our awesome community: the App Army.

The App Army is a select bunch of mobile gaming enthusiasts, who we provide with early access and free codes for a variety of different games each week. Becoming a member is as easy as signing up to the Facebook page, at which point you can start requesting codes and joining in right away.

A quick note before we kick things off though: we aim to get codes for every game that makes our best of games roundup, but that isn't always possible. So please bear in mind that if your favourite game doesn't make the list, it isn't because we don't like it.

Today's offering is the beautiful action adventure, Island Delta.

Go on then, give me the spiel

Okay, so Island Delta is an action adventure in which you play as Zoe and Baxter, who are on a mission to shut down the evil Doctor Gunderson and his flock of nasty mechanical minions.

Your weapon, an anti-gravity gun, not only has the ability to defeat enemies, but is also used to solve puzzles and destroy traps across the game's three chapters and 30 levels - all of which are full of hidden stuff to find.

At review, we gave Island Delta a respectable Silver Award and described it as: "A solid and enjoyable puzzling sort-of-shooter that bounces along with just the right speed".

Count me in I guess

I admire your enthusiasm. You can get a chance of playing it by signing up to the App Army here, then writing your name as it appears on Facebook in the comments below. Please bear in mind that we only have iOS codes for this one though.

We'll then distribute the codes to the select lucky winners within one working day of this article going live.

Good luck, and stay tuned at 5PM GMT every day this week for a chance at another game!

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