Oh sure, you’ve been hanging around on Pocket Gamer, catching up on all the news and excitement that’s bubbling up in the world of pocket gaming, but if you’re really in the know you’re gonna want to check out AppSpy too.

It’s Pocket Gamer’s sister site, and every day it throws the sort of content at you that you don’t want to miss. It’s full of wit, insight, and videos. And I’m not just saying that because I write it all.

Don’t believe me? Well why not check out this roundup of the best content that went up on AppSpy last week, and then eat your words.

Kick, punch, block

We started off the week in fighting form, taking a look at three of the best fighting games on the App Store. There are some controversial choices in there, and quite frankly that’s the sort of thing you can expect on AppSpy.

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And we continued the fighty, listy, controversial theme later in the week with our ranking of the five best Gameloft games that you can download and play right now. We might be wrong, we might be right, you’ll never know unless you click that link up there.

Mega men

Last week also saw the release of the Mega Man Mobile collection. It’s not very good, but that didn’t stop us from poking around in our memory banks to think up some other excellent old franchises that we’d like to see popping up on mobile in the not-too-distant future.

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And to keep up the platforming theme, our Thursday find this week (it’s a regular feature where we pick a new game you might have missed) was the excellent and tappy Breakout Ninja.

The end?

And to round things off we chucked up two truly stunning pieces of content on Friday. First we had a look at the five best games to hit the App Store this week, explaining to you, our dear potential reader, why you should have a crack at them.

Last, but by no-means least, we went a little bit crazy and explained why Facebook Messenger Games were the most important thing to happen in mobile gaming last year. And we did all of this between games of Everwing.

If all of that hasn’t swayed you to the AppSpy cause, then make sure you check out Pocket Gamer next week for another roundup of all things appy, spy-y, and generally wonderful.