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Ask about recommendations for mobile match-3 RPGs and you're likely hear three choices: Puzzle Quest, Hero Emblems, or Glyph Quest. The Glyph Quest have consistently impressed with their combo spells and other matching mechanics, and the upcoming sequel Glyph Quest: Chronicles promises even more complexities to master.

The mechanic at the core of Glyph Quest is of course its titular glyphs, elemental tiles that must be matched in chains of two or higher to unleash increasingly powerful attacks. Two Water tiles might only deal a lightly damaging splash, five tiles a literal tidal wave of damage. Combo attacks, board-clearing reversals, and paired glyphs allow for advanced tactics.

Alongside the expected additions such as more quests, heroes, and equipment, Chronicles will also introduce new elements that grant you greater control over your matching tactics, such as evolving animal familiars and skills that let you power-up later spells.

Glyph Quest Chronicles is still in development, but developer Alex Trowers is currently holding a limited iOS beta that you can sign up for here.