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Imprint-X is the weird brain-hacking puzzler from the developers of Rymdresa, and it's finally releasing on mobile on January 26th.

In Imprint-X, you're a hacker rebel fighting to free citizens from brain-controlling nano-bots; disabling the evil "Wardens" requires fast reactions and pattern recognition, as you interact with their mechanical forms during puzzles.

Each Warden is a robotic web of switches, buttons, and hidden panels, challenging you to remember and react in the correct pattern to progress. These sequences grow more complex and involved with each stage, evolving into machines that unfold into larger forms or come equipped with orbiting satellites, among other gameplay twists

Imprint-X will be available for £2.29 / $2.99 on iOS and Android on January 26th; you'll also be able to find the game on Steam.