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Updated 6th January, 08:55 AM: Get ready to kick germ butt with some definitely-not-risky explosions as Remedy Rush hits iOS.

Grab the game free-to-play on the App Store now.

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Whitaker Trebella's past games have all been quirky, fast, and skillful, from the wild jetpack flips of Piloteer to the weird barriers of Pivvot. Remedy Rush looks to follow suit, as you fight germs with the best medicine: explosions.

Using a diverse selection of remedies such as sunglasses and sushi, you must tap into germs and toxins to make them explode, with each remedies causing explosions at different ranges and areas of effect, among other reactions.

These varied abilities and effects make Remedy Rush play like a strategic roguelike, where every turn and tap must be planned to progress onward. Surviving longer rewards you with new remedies, and thus new strategies to use.

Remedy Rush will be available to download on iOS on January 5th.