Incremental clickers are the kind of casual games that offer soothing, rewarding gameplay with the minimum of stress and complexity. This year, indie studio Eper Apps has released a fun new entry to the genre.

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In Honey Beellionare, you’re a beekeeper with aspirations – you want gold, and lots of it. So what better way to line your pockets than sending swarms of bees to help you gather gold coins? Nectar isn’t legal tender, anyway.

Gameplay involves tapping magical flowers to release coins, whilst your bees busy themselves doing the same. You can reinvest the coins you’ve gathered into the bee business – hatch new bees with different capabilities and upgrade your hives to maximize your profit. Keep an eye out for the Butterbee, who will buzz by now and then carrying a basket of bonuses you can retrieve by tapping.

The game features vibrant, charming graphics, along with lots of new locations to unlock as you progress. You can also challenge yourself by competing with other players on the global leader board to see who can make the most money. Your bees will continue to gather coins even after you close the game, so you can give your thumbs a rest and let the hive do all the work.

If you’re buzzing with anticipation for this new casual clicker game, Honey Beellionaire is available for free from Google Play and the App Store.