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This week, the App Army got early access to the nifty looking puzzler Island Delta, where you solve various puzzles with the aid of a gravity gun.

Grab Island Delta from the App Store today.

GGod Hand

When you first start playing it does feel clunky, but this is overcome when you get to grips with the gravity gun. Graphically it's top-class - definitely one of the best-looking games on mobile at the moment.

The game has a useful checkpoint system which helps to keep repetition at bay, ensuring the puzzles remain fresh and addictive.

Overall this is one of the best games released this month and could even compete with the best of the year.


It's missing a clear and concise tutorial to get you on your way. I spent the best part of an hour stuck on the first puzzle because I didn't know how to use the gravity gun.

I can tell a lot of love was poured into this game but I can't get into it. I think a nice little tutorial level to run you through everything would help.

Diogo Marcelo

To put it simply: this is a great game. The controls are easy to master and it feels like they're on your side. It reminds you before finishing a level to search all areas and get 100%, which is a great idea to avoid re-doing levels just because you missed an item.

It's brilliantly designed with the puzzles offering a good mix of thought and fun. It's addictive and I'd recommend it.

Tom Clark

This game is Noodlecake's best effort to date. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay enthralling and smooth, and best of all it isn't another match-three or card collector. It's an actual adventure puzzler to sink your teeth into and has hours of gameplay locked in.

It's a must-have for any fan of good, old mobile games that offer more than one-touch controls.

Quincy Jones

I have to say it's not what I expected from one of my favourite developers but it's a pleasant surprise nonetheless. The iCloud saving is a fantastic feature that most new games don't even bother with. The puzzles offer a challenge but not enough to smash your phone and best of all the environment looks great.

My only issue is with a slip of the finger you can launch objects out of reach, which is annoying but doesn't take away much from a fantastic game.

Olivier Boesch

The puzzle difficulty increases little by little without becoming too overwhelming. The graphics are superb and set an entertaining atmosphere.

An annoying bug with this game is the character can fall into places he can't get out. Plus, the control scheme lacks precision and is inconvenient on a big screen like my iPad.

Overall it's a very good puzzler but does have some small flaws.

Kainen Ryan

An interesting puzzler that looks great and plays well, but I noticed that my character would fall down into places due to the unresponsive controls.

I would recommend this puzzler as it's not too difficult and seems like a game you can pick up and play from time to time.

Laura Egri

I liked the nerdy science atmosphere that the game is set in and the action-puzzle combo is a bonus. There's a good story running throughout and nice graphics to pair with the quirky characters.

Puzzles can be difficult, leaving you with mild brain teasers, but it's definitely a game worth spending time with.

Oskana Ryan

I love this game. The graphics are great, the sound is good, and after mastering the controls the gameplay is great too. A good mixture of puzzle and strategy with enough challenge to keep you entertained.

With items hidden along the way, the game has more to do than just get through each level. I have enjoyed every minute of this game and would recommend it to anyone.

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