Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the internet not a site was active… aside from Pocket Gamer of course! Yes, we're right here to keep you entertained until you've got your feet up on Christmas Day itself.

What's more, we also come bearing gifts! Right throughout December, in fact, we've been giving away codes for the absolute best premium games which launched on mobile this year - exclusively to members of our App Army.

To learn more, check out the post from December first. Or, if you're familiar with the ins and outs of the drill by now, read on to learn why not checking out Reigns this year was a serious lapse in judgement.

What, like those things you use to ride a horse?

Not quite. Reigns is a smart simulator in which you take the throne as a medieval king, and are faced with a bunch of outrageous dilemmas and have to decide how to deal with them.

Every decision may benefit one faction, or upset another. The challenge comes from trying to balance keeping everyone happy and the kingdom prosperous. And that's more challenging than it sounds.

But making a decision is easy. You simply swipe right to affirm, and right to decline the various questions you're faced with, which are delivered as nicely-designed cards. If you're thinking: "That sounds just like Tinder!" - you'd be right!

At review, we absolutely adored Reigns, giving it a Gold Award and describing it as: "A clever subversion of strategy and casual mobile play that makes you laugh, cry, and think".

I want to take the Reigns!

Well, nothing's stopping you! But if you'd like the chance to grab a copy on us, simply join the App Army here, then write your name as it appears on Facebook in the comments below this post.

We'll then select the lucky winners within one working day, and distribute your codes via a Facebook PM. We'll also announce the winners in a post on the App Army Facebook page.

We've only got iOS codes for this one, so if you're strictly Android only please skip this one.

What's the App Army? The App Army is Pocket Gamer's very own community of mobile game experts. Each week, we provide them with a bunch of free codes and early access to the hottest upcoming games so they can provide their thoughts in features like this. We also host regular community-driven events with them in mind like tournaments, giveaways, and multiplayer evenings. To join, simply follow this link to the page on Facebook and request access. We'll get you in right away!

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