What more could you ask for this winter than a frosty SRPG to keep you busy during the long, dark nights? Well, that's what Banner Saga 2, today's featured Advent Calendar game, offers in abundance.

On the subject of the Advent Calendar, Pocket Gamer is celebrating this Christmas by giving away codes for the biggest premium mobile games which launched this year - exclusively to our App Army.

If you want to learn more, read the post from December first. Alternatively, read on for further talk of why you should check out Banner Saga 2.

What's with all these banners?

When I described Banner Saga 2 as frosty earlier, I wasn't just referring to the winter setting. It's a grim, almost morbid experience that doesn't just revel in fantasy, and actually gives a quite realistic depiction of the sheer darkness war casts over the world.

It's set in a fictional norse universe in which war has broken out, and you and your not-so-merry band are desperately trying to survive in this frigid world.

You'll make difficult decisions, partake in strategic turn-based battles, and manage your crew of viking warriors on your journey across a beautiful, if harsh, hand-drawn 2D world.

At review, we gave Banner Saga 2 a thoroughly deserved Gold Award and described it as a: "A gloomy, exciting, and downright brilliant tactical RPG".

Okay, let me at it

Well, slow down just a second. First you have to join the App Army here, then write your name as it appears on Facebook in the comments beneath this post.

We'll then select the winners within one working day and send you codes via PM on Facebook, and announce you all in a post on the App Army page.

There are no iOS codes for this one, so please only request a code if you have an Android device.

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