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If the Vita needed a game to prove why this ridiculous slab of plastic comes with a monster touch screen, Severed is the one.

This nifty dungeon crawler is all about chopping enemies to bits with taps and touches. You'll lop off arms with a big strike across the screen. You'll cut an eyeball in two with a short, sharp swipe. You'll tickle an enemy to stop it from exploding.

It's a game as much about juggling as it is about touching. You'll be routinely surrounded by foes and must dance around in circles, parrying this one and stalling another.

Mastery of the touchscreen (including the ability to do heavy attacks with a longer swipe) is second to mastery of time management.


Between bouts, you'll be traipsing through boxy dungeons in a way you probably haven't since the 90s.

You'll need to solve puzzles, figure out the right path, and generally get a bit lost. But that's okay. It just makes you feel smarter when you finally find your way.

You gotta mention the presentation, too. This trippy ass game is drenched in psychedelic rock fusion and crazy gradient colours that shouldn't work but totally do.

And then there's Sasha: the badass bitch with one arm but guts of steel, who slashes her way through nightmarish worlds to save her family.

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