Every year a boatload of games comes out on the App Store, and millions of us download and delete Apps without hesitation. So this list celebrates the few apps that have engraved themselves on my phone and my heart.

I always will prefer games that require or encourage skill over pay to win. I believe that getting the most out of a game shouldn't depend on how much money you sink in.

This doesn't mean that freemium games are bad, I still play them, but without any extra purchases. So with no further waffling, here are my top 5 in no order.

Hungry Shark World
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Ironically, I start off the list with a game that has in-app purchases. It's only a little hypocritical, thats because there is nothing in the game that can't be achieved without just playing.

Any purchases offered can be avoided by playing - some may take a disgusting amount of time to achieve, but are achievable none the less.

This is the sixth instalment in a successful series I've enjoyed since the first. I haven't played every single Hungry Shark,because it can get repetitive however, Hungry Shark World introduced a great reason to keep coming back.

Levelling up a shark and upgrading it isn't new, but separating sharks by their size into tiers and unlocking each tier somehow felt rewarding.

I am no fan of repetition, but having enemies that require at least a certain level of shark to eat, diversified the gameplay.

Super Cat Tales
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Every true gamer can appreciate a good platformer and distinguish between rip-offs and adaptations. Super Cat Tales brought a fantastic original concept to an over-mined genre of game.

The levels are short and sweet and some require backtracking after unlocking characters with specialist skills.

The controls are simple, the graphics are pleasant and match the sound. There aren't any features that let it down, so if you are a fan of cats, platformers or both, then this is for you.

Football Manager Mobile 2017
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There is an ever growing list of football manager games, each one tailored for a specific footie fanatic. Football Manager Mobile 17 is the best in terms of realism, including a simulation of Brexit and its effect on UK work permits.

The game has it all and more in terms of stats and controlling a team.

It has all the real players priced and rated appropriately and just sets the management atmosphere superbly. This football manager is the one to pick out of the bunch.

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I am not a huge fan of high score chasers because after a monstrous score is set, odds are you will never beat it.

However there is something different with Slither.io, the entertainment value of killing a giant snake and watching the chaos that ensues while everyone tries to devour the remains is brilliant.

The game really does reward skill and deviance, something that isn't encouraged enough with most games.

Bully: Anniversary Edition
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This only just came out but it instantly makes its way onto my list. I am not a fan of remasters and always think it is a cheap way to make money with little to no creativity.

That being said Bully feels like it was made for mobiles and is a massive game to bring to mobile.

I did like the gimmick of Rockstar's previous remasters, but have always thought they fall flat. San Andreas is far too complex to be dumb down for mobile, whereas Bully just simply works.

It is a shame it drains battery like no other, but it is serious entertainment if you can find a power source.

There you have it, my top 5 games of the year. If you completely disagree let me know in the comments below.

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