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The App Army gets a grip with Moonlight Express, a stunning one-touch present-shooter, in which you stand in for Santa and deliver presents to all residents of Skyscraper City.

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Kainen Ryan

Moonlight Express started with so much promise - a great little video to set the scene which eases you into the game. You start firing presents at the skyscrapers and need to shoot a certain amount to succeed.

But after the first stage the helicopter moves upwards too fast and the aiming system can't cope with the speed. This makes gameplay impossible but it can be fixed.

Make the game into stages and include real goals into the game. It could even try to include a part where this all needs to be done silently without waking the children.

Tom Clark

I liked the graphics of this game but I can't think of any other positives. It got boring and tedious fast, and there's nothing to do other than tap the screen every now and again.

Disappointing. I was excited after looking at the preview shots and I was expecting more.

Oksana Ryan

At the start this game was great fun - a good mix of skill and fun all tied in with a Christmas theme. But after six or seven goes my Christmas cheer wore thin and the game became boring.

The gameplay was fun and it linked with the storyline, but there should have been more than one level and some moving targets to give it a challenge. Overall, it's a good idea but just lacks things to do to keep me going back.


I found the game dark and depressing. Christmas is supposed to be a bright and colourful time of year, but this looks dreary and dull.

The underlying issue with the game isn't the theme but rather the controls. It's impossible to fine-tune any shot as your finger covers most of the aiming area. The controls need a complete overhaul...and a rethink on the colour scheme wouldn't go a miss either.

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