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From the fast turn-based combat of Space Grunts to the hectic run-and-gunning of Gunslugs, OrangePixel's speciality has been frenetic arcade-y action. Ashworld may take place in an sprawling open world, but the fast pace remains, this time with car combat as well.

Inspired by insane wasteland of Mad Max, Ashworld follows its titular hero Ash, through a ruined lands of decaying sites, desert outposts and dungeons, and open plains where armored vehicles roam. On foot or behind the wheel, you're a one-man army, wielding powerful weapons and items.

The game will be a hybrid of gameplay types: top down driving and combat with points of interest to find and missions to complete, and side-scrolling platforming and shooting inside buildings and mission dungeons.

Ashworld is expected to release next year on mobile and Steam. You can find more details on the game and its development on OrangePixel's blog.