Tap Titans 2 is a game that you're either going to love or hate. If you're into your RPG-lite tappers then you're going to have a jolly old time with it.

If you think tappers are the spawn of satan and anyone who likes them should be executed, well for starters you probably need professional help, but this certainly isn't the experience that's going to change your mind.

It's good looking, it's got lots of tapping, and while there's not much else to it than that, that's sort of the point with these games.

Tap me up

The game is the latest in a pretty long line of tap battlers. You're a spiky haired hero with a big sword. Mash the screen and you'll swing said sword, dealing damage to the big bads in front of you.

The deeper you get in, the tougher everything gets. Dead enemies drop gold, which you can use to strengthen your hero and hire allies.

These allies deal damage whether you're tapping or not. And you can upgrade them as well, toughening them up and unlocking special moves that they'll unleash when they're ready. You get pets as well which add more DPS.

As you might imagine this is a game that's all about the numbers. The only challenge is taking out the bosses. Here you've got a time limit, and if you don't murder them in time you're dumped back into the ordinary fights to bulk up.

Once you're into the rhythm of things, time passes pretty quickly. You might get some funny looks playing this one on the bus, since you'll be frantically hammering your screen. My iPad fell on the floor at least once.

But then this is a game designed to get on with it when you're not there. Put it down for a while and you'll end up with a huge chunk of cash to spend on making your soldiers stronger.

Tap out

There's nothing particularly new here, but everything is nicely polished and the enemy design is pretty intriguing. Plus that compulsion loop makes the whole thing wonderfully addictive.

It's probably not going to stick in the mind for long, but while you're playing it there's a good chance you'll have a smile on your face.

If you like tappers and you like cutting up big monsters and you like watching numbers get ever larger, then this one's worth checking out.