Got your Christmas decorations up? Check. Sent out cards to those who you don't really care enough about to go and visit over the holiday period? Check. Got all the Christmas presents in? Errrr, there's still plenty of time for that.

Christmas is quite stressful really, isn't it? It's not like when you're a kid and all of the nice things come to you if you just promise to keep your room nice and tidy for Santa. Those were the days.

Well, Pocket Gamer is bringing back that festive feeling this year by giving you all free codes for the absolute best premium games which launched this year. And the best part? You don't even need to tidy your room.

For more information, check out the post for Advent Calendar day one. If you know the drill by now, read on to learn why you should have played Badland 2 this year.

We're aware that Badland 2 launched on iOS in 2015, but it arrived on Android in June this year and, sadly, missed out on awards season due to its late 2015 arrival on December 17th. So we put it on this list as it thoroughly deserves a mention.

What's so bad about it?

Well, nothing actually. Badland 2 is an excellent physics puzzler that took the one and only mechanic from Flappy Bird, combined it with the eery aesthetics of Limbo, and threw in some physics to create an adventure well worth playing.

The sequel enhanced the visuals, brought levels that scroll vertically, and introduced elemental obstacles to give you something new to think - and worry - about.

At review, we gave Badland 2 a well-deserved Gold Award and said: "A brilliant step forward for the series, Badland 2 is a wonderful end of year surprise".

Okay, sign me up!

To get a chance at a Badland 2 code, simply head on over to our official App Army Facebook page here and sign up to become a member. Then write your name as it appears on Facebook in the comments of this post, and we'll do the rest.

We only have iOS codes for this one, but Badland 2 is completely free for Android users. So you can just go ahead and download it right now.

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