Updated: Original list by Emily Sowden, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on December 22nd, 2020.

Without sounding too cliche in quoting the famous song, it's the most wonderful time of the year for some so why not celebrate it with a bunch of Christmassy updates? Christmas updates are a little different then general updates to a game as they tend to be limited time events. Many of these events will have in-game, exclusive items or allow you to take part in events that will then retired until next year. 

In this list, you will probably find some games you have played before - and what better time to dive right back in and see all of this new, festive content! If you find some new games that sound interesting to you, why not start playing around the holidays? It's not like you are expected to be working or interacting with your family in any sort of way.

Oh and also, how festive does it feel when you play a festive version of your favorite game? It's one thing I quite enjoy doing. Anyway, let's get into the best Christmas updates on iOS and Android.