No matter how - or even if - you're celebrating the holiday season this year, everyone loves free games, right?

Well, have we got a treat in store for you! Throughout December, Pocket Gamer is giving away free codes for the absolute best premium games mobile had to offer in 2016 - all thanks to our official Advent Calendar.

This started on December first, and will run right up to Christmas day itself. For more info, check out day one's post.

But today, on day eight, we have the winner of the best-named game of all time, Burly Men at Sea.

What's all this then?

Burly Men at Sea is an interactive storybook that spins the yarn of a bunch of bearded fishermen who, growing disillusioned with ordinary life, decide to set out on an adventure in a bid to discover the extraordinary.

And there are a bunch of different adventures to uncover, each of which feature branching paths, an interactive world, and gorgeous storybook visuals that will keep you flipping those artificial pages.

So yes, we liked it. At review, we gave it a Gold Award, and said: "If you're interested in story-driven games and cute character art, Burly Men at Sea demands to be played".

So can I play it?

You're mighty close! All you have to do to get a chance at a free code is join our community of hardened mobile gamers in the App Army here, then write your name as it appears on Facebook, along with your preference between an iOS and Android code, in the comments below this post.

If you're successful, you'll then receive your free code within one working day as a private message on Facebook, and you'll be announced as a winner on the official App Army page.

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