This Christmas, Pocket Gamer is celebrating by giving away the absolute best premium mobile games of 2016 to select readers by way of our very own Advent Calendar.

So from today, December 1st, right up until Christmas Day itself, pop back to Pocket Gamer at 5PM GMT (9am PST, 12PM ET) to - hopefully - get your hands on a free code or two of the finest games iOS and Android had to offer this year.

There is one slight caveat though. We're running this in close collaboration with our community in the App Army. That means you either have to already be a member, or sign up to become a member.

Once you've done so, simply post your Facebook name in the comments below this post - along with your preference for an iOS or Android code if there's a choice - and you'll receive a code within 24 hours if you're selected.

And that's it. The whole shebang. We ask only one more thing of you, and that's that you have a happy holidays, hanukkah, ramadan, kwanzaa - however you choose to celebrate.

Heroes of Loot 2


Why yes, Slade, it is. But what does that mean? Well, it means that it's a time to celebrate because maybe a special person was born on this day a really, really long time ago.

But enough of that - on Pocket Gamer we're celebrating by giving away free copies of the absolute best premium mobile games that launched this year on iOS and Android. But you already know that, cos you just read a tidal wave of italicised text outlining that very thing.

What is it, and why will I like it?

Day one is Heroes of Loot 2, an outstanding dungeon crawling sequel that sees you buddy up with a fellow adventurer to kill hordes of baddies, loot a ridiculous number of treasure and gold, and solve a bunch of puzzles.

Like every game on this list, we gave Heroes of Loot 2 a Gold Award and said nice things about it. Things like: "An easy to play, incredibly addictive dungeon crawler that's the perfect fit for your pocket".

How do I get it?

Simply scroll back up to the italicised section for a full breakdown of how to get it. But if you can't be bothered, it's as simple as joining the App Army here and then writing your Facebook name in the comments below.


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