Original list by Julian Mann, Nov 21 '16, Updated by Jupiter Hadley (November 23rd, 2020)

As an American, I can tell you that Thanksgiving means three things:

1. Copious amounts of food. 2. Football. 3. The silently pretending this holiday doesn't actually have anything to do with the death of many, many native-Americans. Anyway, let's pretend we are just talking about the first two points of Thanksgiving - instead of spending time with your family, I am sure you'd rather be playing games, and hopefully this list of 6 Thanksgiving-ish games for your mobile device will help you out.

What makes a game Thanksgiving? Well, obviously if it has food or turkeys it counts. Otherwise, it needs to remind me of America and this time of year.

When I took over this list from Julian, it had a big mix of games, however he also said that Thanksgiving was the most American day of the year, which shows he is clearly not an American or didn’t remember that the Fourth of July exists.

As Pocket Gamer is a UK-based company, I can forgive them for not knowing much about our weird holidays.

If you are looking for games with a Thanksgiving themed update, you have come to the wrong place, but I am sure the news team here at PocketGamer has covered the latest event in popular games all over the mobile gaming space, so you can always check back there to see what else is currently being updated to cater to the American market!

Let's get into this list,