There’s something very Hitman-esque about Party Hard GO. Not in the way it looks, but in the way it encourages you to experiment with your murdering.

There’s always a button to press, a place to hide, or a way of dismembering a victim that you’ve not thought of before.

It turns slaughter into a wonderful game of plot and counter plot. And there’s a bit where you can ram a golf cart into a bunch of people which is pretty funny.

Killing time

The game is all about stopping a party. And rather than calling the police or asking politely if your neighbours would mind turning the noise down, you take it upon yourself to kill each and every one of them.

Of course these people aren’t stupid. And if they spot you stabbing up one of their friends they’re going to go and call the police.

And the attentions of the police inevitably put a spanner in the works of your masterplan. The sort of spanner that involves you getting clubbed and arrested.

When that happens you’ll be dragged back to the start of the level. While some things stay the same, there are little differences here and there that require you to have another think.

You’ll poison people with extermination gas, falsely report them and get them attacked by Swat teams. Or just set them on fire and then thrown them down a manhole.

And it’s all fun and games. It’s not the simplest fun and games, make no mistake. You’ll often find yourself re-running levels multiple times before you manage to complete them.

But there’s a simple joy to figuring out new ways to murder. And then chaining together those new ways to create an epic party-ending bloodbath.

Party pooper

There’s plenty to do here, and you’ll easily find yourself losing hours at a time to the intriguing puzzling rhythms of the killing.

This is an excellent mobile port of an excellent PC game. It might not be the best version out there, but if you only play games on iOS then it’s still well worth a crack.

The controls are sharp, the graphics look great, and there’s an incredible amount of fun to be dragged out from every nook and cranny of this macabre and intriguing game of mass murder.

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