Updated on November 18th, at 5:32PM: The atmospheric stages of Carl Burton's Islands: Non-Places are now available on iPad and iPhone.
Each stage is a work of interactive art, as you tap and activate machinery to reveal the odd secrets and innerworkings behind seemingly mundane vignettes.

Islands costs £2.29 / $2.99 on the App Store, and can also be found on Steam.

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The intriguing minimalist puzzler Islands is bringing its atmospheric vignettes to iOS and Steam on November 17th.

Islands is set across ten "non-places", abstract environments hiding secrets revealed through your actions. These familiar locations such as a parking lot and waiting room are transformed into new weird areas as you solve the puzzles within.

Islands promises to be a short atmospheric experience, about 45 minutes, and will be available on iPad, iPhone, PC, and Mac. You can find more details and GIFs here.