Free games are good! Games that used to cost money, but are now free, are even better. Here's this week's list of premium games that you can now pick up for nothing.

Act fast - most of these will shoot back up to full price in a matter of days.

Perchang - was $1.99

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Here's a gorgeous physics game about manipulating machinery to get to the goal. We said "a clever puzzler with a raft of new ideas, Perchang is well worth your time".

If you really like the game and want to support the developer, you can buy an in-app purchase to get a bunch of extra levels in the Black expansion.

Reckless Racing 3 - was $2.99

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The Reckless Racing games are a classic series of top-down racers, reminiscent of Skidmarks and Micro Machines. They're known for their taut controls and oodles of content to work through.

In our review we called this one "a shiny and sharp racer that gets the meat of the genre right".

Lost in Harmony - was $3.99

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Here's an interesting one. This game is part auto-runner, part rhythm game, part tragic story about a boy and girl dealing with an illness. It will make you dance, it will make you cry.

We said it was a "A beautiful, sad, sometimes brilliant game. It has a few problems, but it's worth sticking with all the same".

God of Blades - was $2.99

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One from the archives, here. God of Blades is a chunky, lumpy hack and slash inspired by pulpy fantasy novels, prog-synth music, and the record sleeves of concept albums from the 70s. It's weird but slightly wonderful.

Which is why we said God of Blades is "a relentlessly stylish sensory assault that's so in tune with its underlying mechanics that it works, despite the game's obvious flaws".