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Bronze Award-winning orbital platformer Astra is on sale for half price. Which means you can grab it right now for just 79p / 99c.

The game sees you bouncing around a series of planets. It's an auto-runner, and there are plenty of things you need to hop over if you want to succeed. It's a tough one, and no mistaking.

Throw in some gravitational pull and you're left with a game that’s tricksy, has a novel look all of its own, and will keep your fingers busy for a good long while.

When we reviewed it our handsome and dashing reviewer said "there's a lot to like in Astra, and if you're into leaping around planets then you're going to enjoy it."

And for 79p / 99c you can't really complain. So head over to the App Store and grab it right this second.

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