PinOut has an incredibly ambitious aim - to reinvent pinball.

Yeah. Rather than knock balls into paddles, light sections of the machine, or do any of that weird pinball stuff, here you're experiencing a race against time through a light-ridden canyon, fuelled by intense retro music.

And the reinvention actually paid off, according to us. At review, we gave it a coveted Gold Award and said: "Bright, colourful, and tons of fun, PinOut is a reimagining of pinball that blows the original out the water".

We also asked our community in the App Army what they thought, and they had the following to say.

Tom Clark

Okay, wow. The graphics are very easy on the eyes, the gameplay is smooth, and the flipper controls feel almost like a real pinball machine - but better.

If you're a pinball enthusiast, this is definitely for you.

Ed Davis

I like this new take on pinball. It's everlasting with great graphics and good sound effects.

Kainen Ryan

There's nothing like a good pinball game - especially one with a twist. This is basically an endless runner mixed with pinball, and some minigames on the side.

Chase Geier

This is a great pinball game that looks good and plays smooth.

Andy King

As someone who loves pinball, this is fantastic! It's got lovely visuals, sound, and music that remind me of Tron.

Rather than a static table it's like an endless runner with fun mini games thrown in. I'm finding it hard to say anything bad - I love it and will definitely buy premium.

Sjoerd de Jong

PinOut reinvents pinball. It looks really slick and the gameplay is a lot of fun. You can complete a small mini game to earn some extra time, which I think is genius and wish that more games would do this.

It follows the same line as the other Mediocre games. You have the option to pay to unlock checkpoints. I quite like this system because you're not just spammed with ads, but it gives you the option to pay to make the game easier and more fun.

Aaron Carey

There's something oddly compelling about this game. I started off being frustrated that the physics weren't very realistic and there's a lack of standard pinball mechanics like tilt and multiball, but 20 minutes later I was still utterly engrossed!

Alex Gol

PinOut is similar to another Mediocre game, Smash Hit, in the sense that the levels and all game elements are placed in a specific order. There's no procedural generation.

I liked the emphasis on precision, the music, and the visuals are gorgeous - it reminds me of Tron.

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