Level With Me has a very simple premise that's nicely explained by the title. You have to keep a board balanced on a tower by tapping water to create bubbles that push it one way or another.

Meanwhile, you'll have fun objectives to complete like popping a balloon or helping people land safely on the board - all of which involve using the simple gameplay in interesting new ways.

They really have squeezed a lot out of a fun little idea - and it works, if our review is to be believed. We gave it an impressive Silver Award, and said: "Level With Me is an interesting take on the arcade genre, and it's worth trying out".

As ever, the App Army had its say as well, so read on for the thoughts of our stalwart bunch of gaming experts.

Sjoerd de Jong

So different objects fall down on a platform and you have to make sure they don't fall off by creating bubbles in the water, which keep the platform balanced.

It's a pretty neat idea, and it's great fun to pick up and play. I feel like it lacks a few more game modes and some unlockables though, which would make it even better.

Chris Viel

Level With Me feels like a minigame from WarioWare - which is a good thing. It focuses around a single mechanic - you trying to keep a beam balanced while completing various objectives to increase your score.

While the objectives are amusing and challenging, there isn't enough variation - and that's to its detriment. That said, the pixel art, music, and sound are all great, and help complete the package.

Tony Teulan

This is an amusing and entertaining series of minigames based off a single mechanic, and it will really test your patience.

Unless you're prone to throwing your phone in pure rage, this is a great time waster.

Tom Clark

The graphics could be better, but the gameplay is simple and easy to pick up. It's engaging in small bursts but I doubt it has much longevity.

Kainen Ryan

There's more to this than meets the eye. It's a lovely little puzzler that's simple to play. It offers a decent challenge but I can see it getting boring after a while.

Andy King

This one really gives me that WarioWare vibe, with its different themes each game. I'd like to see more unlocks to keep me playing but, overall, it's a nice little game.

Oksana Ryan

I love this little game. It seems simple at first but it needs good hand and eye coordination. You may be balancing tanks while avoiding bombs one minute then wolves and sheep the next.

The games don't last long because you'll likely fail quite quickly, but there are loads of different randomly generated game modes.

Ed Davis

I'm liking this so far - it's simple and addictive. The graphics and music make it a pleasant experience.

Laura Egri

Depending on the mode you play, this can be a zen or frustrating experience. It's all about balancing a board, but offers variation in gameplay, refreshing art style and music, and a sense of accomplishment.

Randy Hope

This was a nice surprise! I played for half an hour without looking up or blinking and really enjoyed the off kilter challenges.

It wasn't cripplingly hard and the pacing was great. The mechanic is fun and the IAPs seemed fair. They need to add a few new challenges to mix it up a bit. Recommended!

Aaron Burdett

I like it! It's simple to learn but hard to master, and taps into that one more go feeling perfectly. The aim is the same in every game - balance things - but the randomly generated scenarios keep things interesting and charming. It's very addictive and fun for quick play sessions.

Swapnil Jadhav

This is a fun and simple game that manages to escape repetition by constantly varying up the level design. It's hard to master but very addictive.

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