Hurling insults at someone while playing a game together is surely part of the fun – why bother with competitive gaming if you can't abuse someone else while you do it?

Oh…Sir! takes this one step further, and instructs you to insult your opponents in the most extravagant, ridiculous, and downright rude way possible.

It's witty, silly, and slickly presented, as well as being a great way to let off some steam, but it does start to suffer from overly-repeated phrases and matches that can begin to drag all too soon.

…looks like…

Oh…Sir! sees you and another person, AI or human, taking turns to construct your insult from a list of words and phrases randomly generated at the start of each round.

It's all silly playground nonsense, with classics like "your mother" and "has bum cancer" intermixed with "your cousin's car" and "still uses Windows Vista", so there's nothing here terribly likely to offend.

Once a word or phrase is used, it's removed from the table, so there is some strategy involved if you're going to contrast a truly biting retort to fire at your opponent.

And it must make grammatical sense too – Oh…Sir! actively punishes players who try and form a sentence that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Once you're happy with your sentence, your insult deals some damage to your opponent's pride, and you start over and repeat until one player's health bar empties.

…a red-arsed baboon…

The basic game is easy enough to pick up, but there's a few extra mechanics thrown in for good measure.

You have two extra phrases in your hand that your opponent can't steal in case you're in a bind, and you can take a sip of tea once per round to re-roll your hand if you don't have anything useful.

You can also score combos by repeatedly using the same subjects in your insults, and each character has their own weakness that can be exploited with a well-designed insult.

The extra little details prevent Oh…Sir! from becoming too stale too quickly, though it does have some other factors holding it back.

There aren't many phrases to choose from, for example, and you'll be repeating insults during your first match thanks to the limited choices available.

…and you can't deny it!

There are contextual insults in play depending on your character and the location you're in, but even these don't stop things from getting samey.

Matches also seem to go on just a little too long, even when you're landing seriously good insults, and with limited insults some matches can turn into a bit of a drag.

But when it works, and it works a lot of the time, Oh...Sir! is a delightful, well-written game that will easily bring a smile to your face.

Forgive some of its shallower aspects and you'll find it to be a hilarious, fun, sometimes tense experience that you'll break out when you need a way to yell at someone without consequence.