If you’ve always wanted to create your own empire across the high seas then you’re in luck - because a preview of Oceans & Empires has just been released to the public.

The title tasks you with building up your own island base and assembling a customised fleet of ships - and you must do this by battling, trading, and building alliances with other players worldwide.

An incredibly ambitious title with a range of cities, a fully functioning economy (that fluctuates depending on the demand for specific items), and real-time battles - Oceans & Empires is a must play for anyone who values in-depth mobile gaming experiences.

It’s a doddle to check out the preview build too - just search for “Oceans & Empires” on Google Play and you’ll find it straight away. Those who do download this version of the title will even get their own special in-game item package.

If you’re interested in setting sail on this adventure then you’d better be quick though, with the preview only being available until midnight PDT on the 28th of October (so that’s 8am on the 29th for those in the UK).

You can check the game’s official Facebook page here for more information on the game too, with Oceans & Empires launching worldwide on iOS and Android soon.

Check out the preview version of Oceans & Empires for Android right here.