We've been covering some basic tips for FIFA Mobile all week, including a guide to spending wisely on the transfer market. We've also told you who the very best players for each position are.

All of which got us to thinking: how much would it cost you to buy a full FIFA Mobile dream team?

In order to come up with an answer, we've had to follow a few self-imposed rules. Once again, we've gone with baseline players, so no enhanced or limited-edition examples have been considered.

Formation is temporary, class is permanent

We've also had to consider the matter of the formation. FIFA Mobile is quite rigid with its positional definitions, so we've decided to pick a formation and then select the players to operate within that formation. As such, we've gone with 4-3-3, because it's a popular formation that manages to squeeze three of the best attackers in the game into it.

As a result, though, there's no space for any of the excellent attacking, defensive, or wide midfielders in the game. We've compensated for this by also selecting some subs (seven, naturally) that can enable a shift to alternative formations.

The price of these players, of course, varies a whole lot. To compensate a little for these fluctuations, we've taken an average of the first three 'Buy Now' prices (where available) that we encountered on the market, then rounded up or down as appropriate.

Got all that? Good. Here's our FIFA Mobile dream team, followed by an overall price. Better get saving.

FIFA Mobile dream team

ST: Luis Suarez from Barcelona (88) - 9,000,000 coins

LW: Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid (90) - 1,900,000 coins

RW: Lionel Messi from Barcelona (91) - 2,480,000 coins

CM: Luka Modric from Real Madrid (85) - 273,000 coins

CM: Marchisio from Juventus (84) - 152,000 coins

CM: Iniesta from Barcelona (84) - 205,000 coins

CB: Jerome Boateng from Bayern Munich (89) - 1,553,000 coins

CB: Chiellini from Juventus (86) - 572,000 coins

LB: David Alaba from Bayern Munich (83) - 198,000 coins

RB: Philip Lahm from Bayern Munich (83) - 142,000 coins

GK: Manuel Neuer from Bayern Munich (89) - 2,117,000 coins


LM: Eden Hazard from Chelsea (85) - 267,000 coins

CB: Thiago Silva from PSG (86) - 463,000 coins

CAM: Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City (84) - 237,000 coins

CDM: Sergio Busquets from Barcelona (83) - 94,000 coins

LF: Griezman from Atletico Madrid (85) - 428,000 coins

RM: Arjen Robben from Bayern Munich (85) - 267,000 coins

CF: Carlos Tevez from Boca Juniors (84) - 114,000 coins

First team total: 18,592,000 coins

Subs total: 1,870,000 coins

Grand Total: 20,462,000 coins

So there you have it. To buy yourself a dream first 11 in FIFA Mobile, you'll need to save up around 18.6 million coins. To buy yourself an almost-as-dreamy subs bench for full tactical flexibility, you'll need to splash out a further 1.9 million coins.

Which brings us to a grand total of 20.5 million coins for your wonder squad. That's an awful lot of Attack Mode games and training drills...