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You haven't played 80 Days yet? If you were waiting patiently for a sale, then you're in luck. Inkle's Victorian steampunk epic is currently discounted for the first time, dropping to £1.49 / $1.99.

The game follows the premise of the classic novel Around The World In 80 Days, as you, loyal servant Passepartout, assist Phileas Fogg on his venture to circumnavigate the globe.

Starting from London, the entire globe is open to you, with myriad routes leading through dozens of cities and nearly a million words of choices and descriptions.

Your journey can take you from trains through the frozen north to the tropics and deserts of other continents, on steamer ships and underwater rails, on walking carriages and airships and other outlandish means of travel.

It's a world thick with stories and lore to discover, from automatons to international conflict, in an ambitious work of interactive fiction we praised as a "sharp, wonderfully written adventure" in our Gold Award review.

You can find 80 Days on the App Store.