Updated 28th October, 17:28 PM: Feel free to bash me and slap my hands, gentle readers, as I totally forgot to let you know that Yomawari: Night Alone is now out for your imminent enjoyment.

Grab the game on PS Vita and check out the official website for buying options. You can also grab the game on Steam for £14.99.

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NIS America is back at it again as the newest trailer for Yomawari: Night Alone shows off some more seriously spooky stuff, just in time for Halloween.

To summarise quickly – Yomawari: Night Alone follows the story of a little girl whose sister goes out to find their lost dog, Poro. After she doesn't come back, the young girl sets out to find her and Poro, only to be faced with a strange town full of terrible spirits that stalk her.

As if that wasn't the stuff of nightmares, the trailers are growing more and more unsettling as we're initially shown a segment shot in real-life. Sis? Is that you? It then fades in to the more familiar game aesthetic and we're once again traversing the haunted streets of the unfamiliar town, hiding from, outrunning, and outsmarting the various ghouls.

Just wait until 1:35 in the video – I think I'd need to change my pants after that.

Yomawari: Night Alone arrives on PS Vita on the 28th October, so keep the Ghostbusters on speed-dial and prepare your heart.

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