To paraphrase an old saying, once you've seen one battler game on mobile, you've just about seen them all.

Never has this been truer than in the case of Age of Heroes: Conquest, an appropriately bland title for what turns out to be a fairly bland game.

It ticks the boxes required to be considered a battler and little else. And if you've played even one game in the battler genre, you've already played this.

To arms!

Age of Heroes: Conquest sees you taking three heroes into battle against a wave of enemies, and using basic attacks and special moves to defeat them and move on.

There's an elemental system in play, where each element is strong against one other type but weak against another, so you have to build your party appropriately for each battle.

Once in battle, you take turns against the computer dealing damage, until you beat all the waves or your characters die.

There's absolutely nothing new in this combat system, and having such a limited skillset means that each battle relies largely on which characters you chose, and not how you actually use them.

Worse yet, there's no option to increase the battle speed or auto-play in the game's campaign mode, turning each battle into a needless slog.


You can also join a guild, in which you'll be fighting together against larger enemies in raids, just like every other battler.

And you can take your characters into an online arena, and face off against other player's parties, in a mode strikingly similar to every other battler.

The arena at least has auto-play and the ability to change battle speed, but it doesn't help you progress much elsewhere, so offers little more than a distraction from the usual fare.

The other problem is that Age of Heroes: Conquest relies entirely on gacha for your summons - there's no other way to unlock new heroes except through spending a ton of gold and crossing your fingers.

This means you're either lucky or you're screwed, as you'll unlock a bunch of armour and maybe two new heroes, both of which are for an element you already own.


At the end of the day, Age of Heroes: Conquest isn't a terrible game. It plays well, its basic mechanics are decent, and you can still happily chug along on it for a while without getting bored.

But it does absolutely nothing new in a genre that's rapidly hitting saturation point, and it's even lacking a feature that is near-essential for a battler to survive in the market.

If you're desperate for a new RPG-lite to play, it's not exactly an offensive entry in the genre. Just don't expect it to keep you gripped for long.