Updated 27th October, 14:54 PM: Aha yes, another - and probably the last - post on this game. At last PinOut! is out for our obsessive play.

Did I say obsessive? I meant normal. Totally normal and definitely not excessive Pinball mayhem is available at our fingertips.

Grab the game on the App Store now and see how far you can get before the timer runs out.

Updated 20th October, 09:32 AM: It's very, very exciting news today folks as the neon-explosion PinOut! is heading to iOS on October 27th (that's next week).

Check out the newest trailer below.

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Updated 3rd October, 11:06 AM: Are you excited to play this endless PinBall experience? Well, if you've got a relevant iTunes account you can as PinOut has just soft-launched in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Find out how to make a foreign iTunes account with our article here, and grab the game on the App Store, free-to-play.

Childen of the 80s/90s, do you remember back in those wonderful years where you used to turn on the computer to play a game of Pinball…or ten? Today Mediocre Game Studios has revealed a trailer for their upcoming title, PinOut, and it looks pretty sweet.

We all know Pinball as the game you play either at a shady arcade or at an old favourite bar, alongside the dart boards and a taped-up foosball table absent of balls. Their upcoming title has taken steroids however, as Mediocre Game Studio brings us this pimped-out, vamped-up version to make Pinball lovers shiver.

In the new trailer this endless level of Pinball delight is riddled with neon lights, secret passages, power-ups, and accompanied by an epic electro soundtrack. Need I mention the badass sound effects? A compilation of futuristic whirls sit amongst the classic clicks and clacks of a Pinball machine – very nice indeed.

Check out the trailer below, and stay tuned for more information.

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