If you’re looking for your next puzzle game fix, then Sticklings - that harks back to the classic Lemmings series - might be right up (or down) your street.

Released on iOS and Android this week, the game asks you to complete self-contained stages by guiding a herd of stickmen down a series of paths to a goal.

These stickmen never stop walking though, so it’s up to you to intervene and make sure they don’t tumble over the edges of each platform to their inevitable demise.

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You can do this by assigning specific stickmen tasks – such as blocking to make sure others don’t walk into trouble, jumping, bomb throwing, and building bridges so that your group progresses to the next section.

Alongside the constant danger of missing one stickman before it’s too late to save them, you’re also up against the clock – with bronze, silver, and gold medals being available depending on how quickly you can figure out each stage.

With crisp and clear visuals, as well as 30 levels to work your way through, Sticklings hopes to offer puzzle game junkies their next fix – with new levels arriving in free weekly updates to make sure you stay addicted.

Sticklings is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.