Mario is coming to mobile later this year, and it is the WORST IDEA EVER.

It's going to ruin Nintendo, ruin Mario, and - most importantly - ruin MY childhood.

Do you not care about me or my memories, Nintendo?!

Here's five reasons why Super Mario Run is a terrible idea.

5. Microtransactions New Super Mario Bros. 2

The first of many reasons is the mere presence of microtransactions. I don't care that I haven't seen what they are, how much they'll cost, or even that they're definitely in the game, I'm mad now God dammit!

How am I supposed to enjoy a Mario game when I have to *pay* for it?!

It's not like I've been spending money on Mario games all these years, is it!

£99.99 for a bunch of 1-Ups? No thanks!

4. It's the first step towards the death of Nintendo Super Mario Run

Pokemon GO proved Nintendo games on non-Nintendo platforms just do not work, so why bother trying again? Ninty's games only work on their own, perfectly conventional and wildly successful consoles - the Wii U, for example.

3. It's in portrait Super Mario Run

I like my Mario how I like my lovers: on a screen, in pure 16:9 aspect ratio.

Anything else is simply WRONG, and shall not be tolerated. Think again, Nintendo.

2. My memories are ruined Super Mario World

Mario was a huge part of my childhood. He was like the plumber I never had (my shower is still broken - THANKS NINTENDO).

How am I supposed to remember him for what he is - a blocky, pixelated, old Italian man in four shades of colour - when Nintendo insists on putting this new weird version in front of me?


So every time I try to call my mum or, I dunno, play Clash of Clans, I'm faced with the abomination that is Nu-Mario. I HATE YOU, Nintendo!

1. I no longer have a smartphone

Answer me this, Nintendo: how am I supposed to play Super Mario Run when YOU forced me into smashing my phone into the ground out of pure anger?! I want my money back!

Screw you and your silly game, I'm gonna go play Super Mario World for the 30th time and moan about it on Twitter.

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